Award Bachelor of Science
Level Under Graduate
Duration 3 years
Full time/ Part time Full time only
No. of Seats 20

Why choose this course?

Dietetics is the science of managing food and nutrition to promote health. A relatively new profession, this field has gained importance with the realization that inappropriate eating habits can lead to many major diseases and that quality of life depends on the quality of food we eat. Dieticians or nutritionists help to promote good health through corrective eating habits, thus improving the quality of life.

Nutrition and Dietetics is a vital, growing field and the opportunities and possibilities in this field are endless. Nutritionists and dieticians could find employment in hospitals, health and recreation clubs, canteens, nursing care facilities, teach the science of nutrition and dietetics in colleges and universities, catering departments of star hotels, research labs of food manufacturers, in health departments of government etc. They can also work as consultants or do private practice. Moreover they could find openings in the mass media where top priority is given to disseminating vital information on healthy living.

Course of Study:

Foundation courses:

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