Ewart is affordable

Yes, college is expensive. But Ewarts is affordable. Our students graduate with among the lowest debt levels in the country.

Community Programs

Students come to ewarts to both join and lead—to be part of a supportive community and to move it ever forward. The diverse, dynamic community they compose is our most defining characteristic.


Shape student expectations of the values, rigor, aspirations and rewards of the intellectual enterprise practiced in a vibrant and supportive academic community. Create opportunities early in a student’s college career for close interaction with faculty and for the individualized instruction typical of a liberal arts education.

Mentoring and Advising

Provide all students with individually focused advising and targeted academic support appropriate to their needs, along with programs that support the successful exploration of the College's curricular and co-curricular offerings.

• Establish habits that lead to a lifelong pursuit of learning.

• Understand and appreciate the relationship between learning within and outside the classroom.

• Explore personal experiences, values and beliefs, leading to the articulation of a sense of purpose.