Union Inaguration and Dedication of Compound Wall

August 5th 2016 was a red letter day in the history of CSI Ewart Women’s Christian College because of the Inauguration of the College Union Society by our Bishop TheRt.Rev.J.George Stephen. The portrait of the revered founder of our college late Rt.Rev.Dr.MasilamaniAzariah was unveiled. The much awaited compound wall, renovated microbiology department and the kitchen garden for Elizabeth Andrew Hostel were all dedicated on the same day.

The Inaugural function was commenced with the lighting of kuthuvilaku by our Bishop The Rt.Rev.J.George Stephen followed by Rev.PaulDaynandan, the Vice-president MDC, Rev.Indra Paul, the College Chaplain, Dr.J.Samuel Cornelius, the College Secretary , Dr.MarthalNalini, the Principal and Mrs.Linta Josephine, the Bursar of the college. The Newly elected College Union office bearers were inducted by our Bishop. We are grateful to the Bishop for supporting projects to improve the infrastructure of the College and for promoting the education of young women to pursue higher education.

The College is now blessed with an advanced research Nikon microscope. Faculty and students are excited about the potential to see many microorganisms with a powerful microscope. With this newly acquired microscope, specimens can be examined in the following modes: bright-field, dark-field, phase contrast, Nomarski Interference, fluorescence and polarized light. In addition to the research microscope, we now also have a stereo-zoom microscope for viewing larger specimens and fungal and bacterial colonies growing in a Petri dish.

Prof. P. Dayanandan who helped us acquire these costly microscopes has also provided a digital microscope camera and a computer for easy imaging and recording. With these facilities a group of students can simultaneously view microscopic images, including live, moving organisms. It is so easy to click a picture or capture a video shot, manipulate, store and use for a variety of purposes including projects and power point presentations. Our teachers can help our students to learn valuable skills through hands-on experience with the microscope. Students can bring any specimen as they wish to examine and take photographs and share their experience and knowledge with others.

We thank Prof. Dayanandan and his student, Dr. K. Azhakanandam and Ms. Anne Gorrissen for helping us enhance our laboratory facilities which is now fully air conditioned.


Union Inaguration Gallery